We have put together a quick guide for new buyers who are buying an IC unit for the first time. This may also be helpful for people who are buying their second IC or otherwise. The following points will guide you in choosing the best Induction cooktop for your specific needs. 

Cooktop Size

If you have a small kitchen like most urban Indian families, you should be paying attention to the size of the Induction cooktop that you are going to buy.

Number of cooking zones

Most cooktops being bought in India have a single cooking zone. However, there are induction cooktops with multiple cooking zones as well. Besides, companies are now introducing hybrid models with gas as well as Induction cooking. So if you don’t have too much of a budget constraint and if you would like to spend some money now in order to save more time later on, please go ahead and look for ICs with multiple cooking zones or hybrid models.

Power / Wattage

The Induction cooktop models currently available in the Indian market are in the range of 1400W to 2100W in terms of power-usage. The more powerful an induction cooktop is, the faster it cooks. However, it also consumes more electricity. The cooktops being favored by most urban Indian consumers are the 2000W models.

Hence you need to choose between whether you want to save on time or you want to save on electricity consumption when deciding on the power of the IC you choose to buy.

Heating range

The performance of any induction cooktop is determined by its temperature range. Multiple temperature modes help the user to choose the ideal cooking temperature based on the requirements of the recipe being cooked. Low-temperature for slow cooking, higher temperatures for stir-frying etc are all possible with the temperature range available when using an IC. Most induction cooktops have 10-15 temperature levels. A state of the art digital control panel with an easy-to-read display makes it a breeze to set up the required cooking temperature. In addition, manufacturers have now started to provide their Induction Cooktops with touch control panels.

Induction Coil

Different types of induction cooktops utilize induction coil components of differential strength. Induction coils of higher wattage produce heat instantly and touch greater temperatures as compared to a coil component with low watt strength.

Auto Switch-off

Most induction cooktops have the auto switch-off feature enabled. This means your IC should switch itself off automatically as soon as the timer touches zero or when there is no vessel on the IC.

Touchscreen Controls

Almost all induction cooktops have a touchscreen control panel. Because liquids cannot penetrate the touchscreen controls, that makes it an ideal feature to have. Besides, the touchscreen makes sure that operating the IC is easy.


Almost all induction cooktops come with pre-set timer settings for individual tasks like boiling water, milk, preparing soups and curries and so on. Also it lets you choose the number of minutes you want the IC to keep running while you have put something on it to cook.

The advantage of having a timer is that the device will switch off automatically at the pre-determined time.


All induction cooktops have a flat surface made of either ceramic or glass Nowadays, you get induction cooktops having anti-skid steel surface. These surfaces ensure that the vessel does not slip off the cooktop.


The latest induction cooktop models are equipped with sensors such as a sensor for safety lock for locking the control panel while the IC is running. There are also sensors fitted for auto power off, pan detection, auto heat up etc.

These sensors help in increasing the efficiency of the induction cooktop. They reduce power consumption and provide high levels of safety to consumers.

Food Warming function

This feature enables you to keep the food warm for some time after cooking. Keeping the food warm is the best way to serve it hot and fresh.

Safety Lock mechanism

induction cooktops come with inbuilt safety lock mechanisms which disable the control panel buttons while the unit is in use. This ensures that children or pets do not accidentally press any buttons on the IC unit while it is running.

Other buyer considerations

Besides the features in the IC Unit, you also need to look at the following factors:


It is best practice to purchase an induction cooktop that comes with a good manufacturer’s warranty. Look for the manufacturer’s warranty for components like the induction coil, the top plate as well as the control panel. The models available in the market come with one to two years’ warranty. It is always better to select a brand that provides a longer warranty period.


It is always good common sense to buy an IC from a brand or seller that provides after sales servicing in case the unit malfunctions or there are problems after the initial couple of years.


When it comes to buying induction cooktops, price is likely to be the main factor for several middle-class families. The prices of induction cooktops vary drastically depending on the model, style, quality and features. The price is higher for models having touchscreen panels, or a bigger cooktop size, or for the brand that has manufactured it. The energy-saving features, automatic cookware recognition sensor, and safety lock might add up to the cost of the model. 

If you are on a low budget, consider buying an induction cooktop of lesser power / wattage. We have also researched and brought you the list of best induction cooktops for a low budget.

Hence it is wise to gauge the needs of your own kitchen and accordingly decide as to which features you may or may not need. Out of the cooktop models available, the least expensive ones are the compact / portable IC models followed by the inbuilt induction cooktops. The Induction Cooking Ranges are the most expensive.

Cooking Requirement

If you tend to cook in a hurry or if you are cooking for several people or if you are simply one of the superwomen who can prep an entire meal in a jiffy, you require more zones for cooking so that you can cook the whole meal at the same time, you can choose accordingly or suppose if there is a need for various power settings it is better to go for in-built induction oven as there is a lot of in-built features.

Burner Configuration

The burner output is also an important requirement and needs to be given importance before purchasing any induction cooktop. The higher burner wattage gives more efficiency and hence cooks faster. These simple factors help in saving a lot of your hard earned money.

Platform Space

The available space on your kitchen platform is also an important factor to consider for the selection of the right IC unit for you. Do consider whether you need a compact and portable unit or you should look for the freestanding induction cooking ranges if there is no restriction of kitchen-space or budget. Also think about the number of cooking zones you are likely to require.

Long power cuts

If you tend to have power cuts too often and for too long, you might want to consider buying a hybrid gas+induction cooktop.

So do pay attention to the needs of your kitchen while choosing the right induction cooktop for your family or yourself.

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We do hope you find this buying guide to be helpful in deciding which brand and model of IC you want to buy.

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